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    Rip Curl - Surfing is Everything Taylor Clark

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    Surfing is like nothing else.
    It's sunburnt backs & bloodshot eyes.
    It's paddling back out for one more, 10 times.
    Surfing is melting wax & burning sand.
    It's warm water, salt water, and a dry mouth.
    It's calling a mate into the best wave of the morning.
    Surfing is tubes & turns & flying down the line.
    It's head-dips & chop-hops, hoots & high-fives.
    It's three fins and one fin, two fins and none.
    Surfing is being local yet still searching.
    It's road-trips, boarding passes & rocking boats.
    It's a tropical reef & a track through the dunes.
    Surfing is the first view of the ocean every morning.
    Surfing is who we are...



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