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    COPS - Deputy Shaw - Sarasota CSO, FL


    by COPSTV

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    A member of the TAC unit informs Deputy Shaw that a man on a scooter has just left a house known to sell drugs. Deputy Shaw locates suspect standing on scooter in a parking lot. After making contact, Deputy Shaw asks suspect for ID. Suspect opens wallet, hands ID to Deputy and quickly puts wallet into pocket. Because of the nature of the stop, deputies only do a pat down for weapons. Suspect is released with a warning not to ride the scooter because his license in not valid.

    Twenty minutes later, Deputy Shaw spots the same suspect riding his scooter down the road. After stopping him, for the second time, Deputy Shaw immediately handcuffs suspect, and does a second more thorough search where he discovers crystal meth in his wallet. The suspect is read his rights and arrested for possession of meth and driving while license suspended.