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    Bigg Boss 7 - 16th September 2013 Episode 1 Review

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    Salman Khan has returned to the tube as the host for the fourth consecutive time with the seventh season of Bigg Boss. But sadly, the glitzy glamorous event that introduced the contestants and the changed concept of Bigg Boss Saath 7 failed to impress us. We thought that the show would start with a tour of the glass walled house by Salman, like it does every year. Instead, the Dabangg dude kicked off the reality show by praying. He sarcastically asked the Almighty to give him self confidence to host Bigg Boss Saath 7. That's not all. Considering the series of heated conversations he had with last season's contestants Imam Siddique and Sapna Bhavnani, he also prayed that he keeps his cool this year. Of course, we did our own bit of praying to, that God not grant this particular wish. After all, viewers -- and us, of course -- like it when Salman tears the contestants apart. Hai na?

    The event continued with the eternal bachelor introducing the contestants one by one. It was Tanishaa Mukerji who entered the house first and showed off a bit of what it was like in there. Her mother and yesteryear actor Tanuja, and sister, Bollywood star Kajol introduced her through a video clip. And more than to see the wannabe starlet simpering and swaying in her introductory song, we were eager to get our first peek at the house. The theme of this season, as the makers call it, is jannat (heaven) and jahanam (hell). The mad cap house has been divided into two parts, each accessible through a different door, white for jannat and black for jahanam. Tannishaa chose white. As Salman Khan said, this time the Bigg Boss house will make everyone go WOW and AAAOW at the same time.