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Beyoncé yanked off stage by a crazy shirtless fan- and recovers like a pro! Hey Beyhive welcome back to your friends here at ClevverMusic, thanks for hanging out. Beyoncé has returned to the Mrs Carter Show World Tour, with some shows in Brazil. And we knew Brazil loved Queen Bey, but one fan took his passion a little too far. In footage from her concert in Sao Paulo on Sunday you can see Beyoncé singing her song "Irreplaceable" in her glittery blue bodysuit and playfully interacting with some fans in the front row. That's when one male fan who decided to take his shirt off for the incident, grabbed Beyoncé to forcefully hug her which pulled her down off the stage. The fan got carried away and she got carried, literally! But not so fast! Her high paid security were there in an instant to pull her back on the stage. And how did Beyoncé react? Like as if nothing happened. She kept singing and dancing to the song as choreographed, she didn't acknowledge the reckless fan nor the security for their save until the end of the song. That's when she tried to calm the wild crowd say, "Hey hey hey! It's alright you guys" and then the was rewarded for his bold attempt, "What's your name? Nice to meet you. Thank you, I love you too." Take notice: Queen Bey is the master of the concert recovery. Remember just months ago on this same tour Beyoncé got her weave stuck in a fan, and was slapped on the booty by rowdy fans at her shows. We think everyone loves her so much they just want a piece of her too badly. Keep your hands to yourselves guys, let's be classy at concerts! Do you think the fan should have been rewarded with that shout out for getting frisky with Beyoncé? Tell us what you think of all this drama- below! It's easy. It's also easy to subscribe for more ClevverMusic videos every day! I'm your music news host Misty Kingma and I'll see you soon, my dear Beyhive