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    WEB NEWS - Online support for Colorado flood victims

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    Today on the net: online support for victims of the flooding in Colorado;
    Quebec’s Charter of Values facing fierce opposition; and you can now visit the Galapagos Islands from the comfort of your own computer.
    Online support for Colorado flood victims
    Homes and businesses submerged by the floods, cracks in the roads, some have even collapsed, and people trying to wade through the water… Residents from Boulder, Colorado have been sharing their experiences of the deadly flooding following days of heavy rain in the region.
    A state of emergency has been declared in the western American state, and as we can see from these photos posted online by the National Guard, soldiers have been sent in to assist with disaster relief and search and rescue operations for the hundreds of people still reported missing in areas that have been cut off from the rest of the world by rising flood waters and in many cases are without electricity.
    And for residents still with Internet access, Google has produced an interactive map providing real time updates on the weather, the road conditions and also the locations of the various hostels set up for flood victims.
    A number of online initiatives are now underway to help those affected by the flooding. On the site web users can help the relief effort by donating money or basic necessities which will then be handed over to the relevant authorities, NGOs and local churches.
    Quebec: charter of values under fire
    Quebec’s government unveiled its proposed Charter of Quebec Values last week, and the measure, which seeks to ban public workers in the mainly French speaking Canadian province from wearing religious headwear, has been ... Go on reading on our web site.

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