Under The Moon It's You-Bert Lown Biltmore Hotel Orchestra


by Lou

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Under The Sun It's Anyone but Under The Moon It's You- Bert Lown Biltmore Hotel Orchestra with the Biltmore Rhythm Boys(Feldkamp,Mason+Felline) on vocal.CoV 2258D NY,July 21-1930.


I see, Jack :-) I have to "test"a lot though... oh well no big deal.
By kspm0220s Last year
Patrick..............I was simply "venting" my frustrations with DM. Lately I noticed I didn't have to also post "test" to make my comments appear as posted.
By Boston Blackie Last year
Another lovely Bert Lown, Lou; the orchestration is excellent and so is the delicate vocal trio doing the vocal. Thanks a lot for sharing! As for the profuse testing, I am doing as well in order to be sure my comments effectively appear on the site. Jack, site management will certainly answer you in English, no need to know French :-)
By kspm0220s Last year
Blakie (test0,just kidding.
By Lou Last year
Lou....after posting my DM comments I have to send another to be sure it gets through. "Test." is what I noticed other posters have been using. Hard to figure out what's going on at DM. I don't speak French so any communication is subject to the variables of translation. After I "post" this I will post "test."
By Boston Blackie Last year
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