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    Rahul Gandhi: Opposition thinks that the poor people are a burden for them

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    Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while launching the party's election campaign in Rajasthan slammed the opposition for their frequent attacks on the Congress. "Certain people who sit in Delhi think that the poor people are a burden. The same is the case with our opposition.. they also think the same way.. they consider that the people like Adivasis, Dalits and backwards are a burden for them.. But we (Congress) think differently. We know that if the country has developed, that is because of the sweat and blood of these people who are assembled in front of me here -- the dalits, adivasis, farmers and the poor. If we cannot help these people, if we can't ensure their welfare and empowerment, then we do not have to be politics. This is the vision of the Congress" said Rahul Gandhi.