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    Mountainous Skyscraper Concept Unveiled for Beijing

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    An architecture company plans on designing contemporary skyscrapers in Beijing that will resemble mountains.

    More and more architects are exploring how they integrate natural elements into urban structures.

    A Chinese architecture firm plans to design contemporary skyscrapers in Beijing that will resemble mountains. The structures will overlook the city’s Chaoyang Park.

    The architects have designed an entire block or complex full of offices, public spaces and skyscrapers that together mimic the appearance of not only mountains, but hills and lakes as well.

    There will be two skyscrapers that will tower over surrounding buildings, overlooking the park. The structures will resemble organic rock formations.

    A spokesperson at the architectural studio stated “By taking the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, the architectural complex can be read as a futuristic city landscape painting. High-rise buildings act as the peaks, individual office buildings as the slope, high-end offices as the ridge and residential buildings as mountain ranges.”

    The main goal of the development is to make it appear like it was not built, but rather grown naturally from the city settings.

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