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    MRSUPERBOY222... Closing arguments (Please listen carefully THIS TIME)

    Uncle Tom CableVision

    by Uncle Tom CableVision

    Facts About harveysuperboy A.K.A. MRSUPERBOY222 :

    1) He Is A Hypocrite
    2) He Constantly Contradicts Himself
    3) He Has A Deep Disgust For Black Women
    4) He Puts Down His Race In Order To Make Unnecessary Points
    5) He Makes Excuses For Men Who Beat On Women (Especially BW)
    6) He Is Very Confrontational With Black Women But Never Gives That Same Negative Energy To Black Men Or Call Them Demeaning Names As He Does Women
    7) He Acts On Impulse And Is Full Of Rage Which Makes Him Loose Patience For The Same People He Says He Is Trying To Better
    8) He Gets VERY Emotional Like A Female And Will Resort To Name Calling When You Disagree With Or Ask Questions No Matter How polite You Ask
    9) He Is A Liar And Will Edit And Show His Subs Bits And Pieces To A Story That Supports Him Being Right Instead Of Being Honest
    10) He Loves The Negative Attention He Gets From People So That He Can Have Something To Complain About
    11) He Loves To Play The Victim
    12) He Tries Very Hard To Encourage Other Black Women And Men To Go Against Black Women He Has A Disagreement With But If His Message Is For Us To Come Together Why Is He Always Demonizing Black People For Others To Stay Away From Them Over Petty Disagreements As If That Disagreement Defines That Person?
    13) It Is ALWAYS Everyone Else And Never Him
    14) His Ego Does Not Allow Him To Ever Be Wrong And Only Comes Out To Say He Was Wrong About Something When He Knows It Is Obvious To Get Called Out On It
    15) He Looks Down On People Younger Than Himself As If He Is Smarter
    16) He Talks About How Racist White People Are But Then He Worships White Women
    17) He Has An Agenda That Is Not For His People Because If He Did He Would Not Have To Put Us Down Just To Make Simple Idiotic Points
    18) He Pushes The Stereotype Of Black Women With Images He Uses And Comments He Makes. If It Is Not Okay For The Media To Do It, It Is Not Okay For You To Do It Either Harvey
    19) He Loves To Talk About Black Women And Insult Them And Calls Him Names That He Himself Could Also Be Called Like "Fatt Ass" And "No Neck"

    Please People, Stop Supporting People Who Want To Lift You Up One Day And Tare You Down The Next. He Pulls You In With The Daily Scoop And That Is Cool You Want To Be Entertained And Informed But Tell Harvey To Take A Side And Stick To It Because Trying To Turn His Viewers Away From Other Black YTbers And Bash Them Personally Is Not Cool. Every Time He Calls Himself Exposing A "Sister" Just Look At The Divisive Comment Section Full Of People Who Only Hear One Part Of The Story And Automatically Go Attack The Other Person And All Black Women While Speaking About Their Hate And Disgust From Them And Declaring Their Love For White Women.... Is That The Kind Of Speech He Is Willing To Put Up With Just To Have People Agreeing With Him? He Calls For Others Not To Defend Sisters, Is That What Being For Your People Is All About? As A Grown Man He Should Not Be Teaching These Things.

    Furthermore, Look At You.