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    Rahul Gandhi narrates a story to prove that he does not believe in abusing anyone

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    Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi kicked off the election campaign of Congress in party in Rajasthan by addressing a mammoth adivasi-kisan rally, in tribal-dominated Salumbar assembly constituency of Udaipur division. "The opposition parties talk big and attack Congress. I will explain my response to such attacks with a story - A story of a guru-sishya relation which was prevailing in our tradition thousands of years back. Once, a guruji was teaching his disciples. He was an old person and very learned. While he was teaching, suddenly another person came to him and showered abuses on Guruji. That person continued attacking the Guru with false allegations and wrong facts for 10-15 minutes but Guru ji did not utter any word in return and maintained his calm. Soon after the person left, the disciples asked Guru ji why he kept mum and did not respond to the abuses. Then Guruji replied "See.. that person came with a gift for me -- his anger. He offered it to me but I did not accept it. He shouted for 10-15 minutes but of no use. He went back with his anger, and I am doing my duties," he said.