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    Rahul Gandhi: Development won't be complete without ensuring welfare of the poor

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    Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi kicked off the election campaign of Congress in party in Rajasthan by addressing a mammoth adivasi-kisan rally, in tribal-dominated Salumbar assembly constituency of Udaipur division on Wednesday. Striking an emotional chord with the huge gathering at the rally, Rahul Gandhi said "We believe that the country's progress is possible only if we ensure the welfare and upliftment of the poor, the dalits; only if the people who build these bridges and roads, are empowered. What we believe is that country cannot develop just by building roads, railway lines, airports and other things. Country will not move forward until the people who put in their hard work for building this infrastructure get sufficient food and adequate medical facilities. This is the difference between the Congress and other opposition parties" and the crowd acknowledged it with huge cheers.