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    Benbo, Tide Mark - Voices (In My House) (Alan Russell Remix - Video Edit)


    par HouseCrate

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    Maverick producer/singer Benbo opened 2013 by announcing to anyone that was listening that he would complete 52 all-new collaborations by New Year's Eve. 'Project #AIEEE' was born and it had a few simple rules: no samples, no covers, no repeats of personnel. One original piece of music a week for 52 weeks with a different collaborator each time. Simple? Maybe. Insane? Definitely.

    'Voices (In My House)' with Tide Mark (aka avant-garde filmmaker and conceptual artist Mark French) is the fifth track to emerge from project #AIEEE. Born out of a session in a remote Hastings (Southern England) studio, then looped & shaped into a ghostly chant, it was Mark who sent the resulting track to his old friend, veteran Underground DJ, producer, remixer and label owner Alan Russell. He immediately saw the potential of the song and began constructing a gem of a remix that keeps Benbos refreshingly original vocal to the fore while adding crisp, punchy beats and a bottom-heavy groove. Russell then sign