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    DR Congo : Amplify Peace

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    by Kongo News

    The LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) is one of the most brutal groups on the planet, responsible for abducting over 30,000 children and turning them into child soldiers, raping, maiming and murdering many more in the 25 year old conflict which is Africa's longest running war. The Voice Project has been working with United Nations in building FM radio stations as well as helping with the production of broadcast content for the stations, recording family members and ex-combatants that have returned home safely, and songs in their native Acholi letting them know they can come home. Recent UN debriefings from the increasing number of ex-combatants who are defecting and surrendering show that for well over 50% the main factor in deciding to escape and surrender has been the recent FM radio broadcast programs encouraging them to come home. Right now there is a rare opportunity for increased FM radio coverage, messaging and music to help bring home many more soldiers who have been abducted and forced to fight, and to try and help to end Africa's longest running and most brutal war. Your donations will enable us to help expand on the type of "come home" radio programming pioneered and used so effectively in Uganda during the course of the war there by stations such as Gulu's 102 Mega FM, and to provide ongoing support for the United Nations DDR/RR (Disarmament, Demobilization, Repatriation, Reintegration, and Resettlement) efforts in the current LRA combat affected areas of The Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic in terms of funding for FM radio station construction and operation as well as the production of "Come Home" broadcast content.

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