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    IN THE PAPERS - WSJ: Elite Syrian unit scattering chemical weapons arsenal

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    INTERNATIONAL PRESS – Fri. 13/09/13: According to the Wall Street Journal, an elite Syrian military unit has been scattering Syria’s chemical arms stockpile. Also in the papers: Obama and Putin’s "double act", Pyongyang reportedly cranking up its nuclear program, China getting tough on pollution and what to do to avoid the end of the world.
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    Some articles from today’s French press review:
    WALL STREET JOURNAL: “Secret military unit scattering Syria’s chemical arms stockpile”
    ASHARQ ALAWSAT: “Obama and Putin’s Double Act Continues”
    GUARDIAN: “Hope over despair in Damascus”
    INDEPENDENT: “Satellite images raise fears North Korea has restarted nuclear plant”
    CHINA DAILY: “Nation gets tough on air pollution”
    INDEPENDENT: “If the end of the world were nigh…”

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