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    Wales Will Soon Have Significantly More Organ Donors

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    A new law in Wales is expected to increase organ transplant rates by 25 percent.

    In many countries, people have to opt into the organ donation system when they get an identification card.
    In Wales, a new law to be enacted in December, 2015 will make it so that unless they opt out, every citizen will be an organ donor.

    The government is hoping that it will increase organ transplant rates by 25 percent.

    First Minister Carwyn Jones said: “"The Human Transplantation Act 2013 is arguably the most significant piece of legislation passed by the National Assembly for Wales. This law will not only help reduce the waiting list, but will also help save lives by reducing the number of people who needlessly die waiting for an organ transplant.”

    Other countries have had some success with opt out systems, increasing the number of organs donated each year.

    The decision is a controversial one, and opponents say that it might go against the wishes of people in the event of an unexpected death, who hadn’t had a chance to opt out of being an organ donor.

    What do you think? Is it a good idea to have an opt out system for organ donation?