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    Advantage of Taking Online Classes at Kaplan University


    by Kaplan_University

    Although it is a relatively new pedagogical method, the online learning system has several obvious advantages. For starters, it is convenient. You don’t have to travel to and from classrooms or schedule your day around your studies. Kaplan University students plan their own schedules, which gives them the flexibility they need to succeed.

    Our students also save on textbooks, since all of our course materials are available online. Drawn from textbooks and interactive material, lesson plans focus on real-world skills. They often incorporate case files, balance sheets, and a wide range of reading interfaces, which is yet another advantage of e-learning.

    New students who are not exactly tech savvy need not worry. Our learning management system is incredibly user friendly. After they log in, students are greeted by our intuitive learning interface, which gives them access to everything they need. They can even contact their instructors for extra guidance.

    One common concern of incoming students is that taking classes online will deprive them of the “real” college experience. In other words, they worry that they won’t meet new people and make those connections that most traditional college students do. Although students are learning remotely, the tools that Kaplan University offers may help you forge real and lasting relationships.

    Even before your very first class, you can read the personal profiles of your instructors and classmates alike. You can converse with them via email, Skype, or through our lLive tTutoring system. Instructors are always available and easy to reach if you require additional guidance. At the end of the day, you can still make friends and meet inspirational instructors. How do we know?

    Did you know than many of our online students attend our biannual commencement ceremonies? These are students that have never met in the flesh, but they often travel great distances at their own personal expense to attend our commencements, which are held in Miami (winter) and Chicago (summer).

    Many graduates who attend these commencements also bring their friends and family members along. Although distance learning might not seem all that intimate, it is amazing how close some of our students and instructors feel to each other when they finally meet. Some become fast friends and keep in touch on the Iinternet. These virtual relationships are rewarding for both teachers and students alike.