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    Kaplan University: A Different School of Thought®


    by Kaplan_University

    Technology is supposed to make things easier. It is supposed to give us options and new ways of doing things. But it only works if we have the courage to try these new things. Higher education isn’t working as well as it could be in America. Graduation rates have been stagnant and student loan debt is at a record high.

    One simple and affordable alternative is to take higher education programs on the internet. Kaplan University offers all of the same courses and majors you would expect to find at a traditional college or university, including business, education, criminal justice , legal studies, technology, and so much more.

    Who are they for?

    Anyone. The working parent who wants to earn a degree with online education at their own pace; the disabled individual who cannot attend professional training classes in person; the student who lives in a rural area, many miles from an institution of higher learning—all are welcome at Kaplan University.

    Embrace change

    Continuing your education has never been easier or more affordable with distance learning courses at Kaplan University. Busy people can now set their own class schedules and learn and study when they can, at their own pace. The courses we offer give students the opportunity to adapt and grow by providing them with real-world skills.

    Access to higher education has never been greater. Our students can complete courses at home when they have free time. They can acquire the knowledge and the skills they need to succeed in the ultra-competitive modern economy. As we have always done, Kaplan University serves students of all backgrounds, ages, experience, and education levels.