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    Lady Gaga gives the best interview EVER, stopping by Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live' to give her opinion on Miley Cyrus' VMA performance, twerking, One Direction, and Beyoncé! Hey Little Monsters welcome back to ClevverMusic! Ok, we're literally dying over Gaga's hilarious live interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live dubbed "Extravagaganza"! Mother Monster stopped by the clubhouse to give a rare TV interview and no topic was off limits. Dressed in her huge 90's wig, a sparkly clam bra and feather skirt Gaga sipped on some white wine as Andy fired off games and questions from fans. The most talked about part of the interview came during the game "Plead the Fifth" in which Gaga didn't plead the 5th once! After admitting she doesn't mind when famous people talks badly about her and that she used to do molly "in my raver days", Andy tested her with a Miley Cyrus question, "What did you think of Miley at the VMAs?" and Gaga shockingly obliged with this lengthy explanation...
    As always, the ever eloquent Gaga gave the perfect answer. And we can't wait to hear if Miley's responds! with a 'thank you'?! And no, the juicy interview didn't end there. In a related question Andy asked Gaga, "Can you twerk?" and she pleaded, "I think people need to stop putting the letter T in front of the word 'werk'!" Well said, Gaga, we'll take that into consideration. Speaking of twerking, Andy asked Gaga which member of One Direction she thought was the cutest and Mother Monster politely said she could not choose. But! She did take the opportunity to say regarding their boos at the VMAs, "I was completely embarrassed for MTV and for America during that award show..." As were we, not cool. What is cool was how candid Gaga was on the Bravo show, maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was Andy, but Gaga was in a fabulous mood. She even responded to Cher's comments saying Gaga didn't like their duet together. Gaga explained, "I have so much respect for Cher...when we do a duet that we release I wanted it to be something really, really special." So maybe in the future?! And speaking of collaborations what about the much hyped Beyoncé "Telephone" sequel song? Gaga dished, "We had such a great time filming 'Telephone'. You can expect the end of the trilogy soon." Well we already knew that, but where? When? How? Ahhh! On a happier note, Gaga did reveal there WILL be an ARTPOP tour after the album drops in November, hooray! You can check out clips from this interview on or on the WWHL YouTube Channel, and I promise you will fall in love with Gaga all over again. Tell us your favorite party of the interview?! Thanks for watching our recap and if you liked it then watch some more videos! I'm Misty Kingma have a Monstrous day.