Study: Nearly a Quarter of Men in Parts of Asia Admit to Rape

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Among the Asian Pacific men surveyed, almost a fourth of them said they’d committed rape at least once.

According to a recent United Nations study in six Asian Pacific countries, almost a fourth of the approximate 10,000 men surveyed said they’d committed rape at least once.

70 percent experienced no legal repercussions.

Entitlement and entertainment were the top reasons given for forcing women to have sex against their will.

Punishment was the third most common response.

The UN survey covered the countries of China, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

It’s the largest study of its kind as well as being the most significant survey of men and violence in the region that houses about half of the world’s population.

Along with the numbers of men that have committed rape, the answers offered deeper insights into the life experiences many of them shared.

Those who came from environments of abuse, both physical and sexual, accounted for a large percentage of those who admitted they’d raped.

Also, men who came from areas of great conflict, like the city of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, tended to engage in significantly more violent sexual acts.

The UN plans to use the information to develop and implement strategies to reduce the instances of rape.