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    Apple releases 'cheap' iPhone for the developing world... still too expensive!!!

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    Apple unveiled its much-hyped "cheap", colorful plastic iPhone 5C and finger print-scanner equipped iPhone 5S on Tuesday.

    The post Jobs-era Apple has taken its fair share of heat from critics and analysts and reaction to yesterday's unveiling of two new iPhone models proved no different.

    The new iPhone 5C, initially expected by many to represent a serious attempt by the high-end phone maker to bolster its presence in emerging markets, will unfortunately still leave a similarly-sized hole in the wallet of potential buyers.

    As noted by Reuters, an unlocked 16GB version of the device will retail for a staggering $730 in China. To put it another way, roughly a month's wage for urban folk in the country where the phones are manufactured.

    Fans eager to fork over a finger and toe to get a hold of the new device will sadly still have to give up an arm and a leg to get a taste of Apple's latest and greatest.

    Unimpressed critics say the device is filled with the repurposed guts of last year's iPhone 5.

    If you're a sucker for vibrant-colored smartphones though, you're in luck! The iPhone 5C is the most colorful iPhone yet and comes in a variety of new bubblegum-like colors: green, blue, pink and yellow.

    Apple also showed off the pricier iPhone 5S, which features a fingerprint scanner that allows users to unlock their phones with a touch of the home button.

    We here at TomoNews US expect the brand new flagship handset, which sees the addition of a champagne gold option, will likely end up making iPhone theft a whole lot scarier. How long until Jigsaw-inspired thieves start lopping off the digits of wealthy iPhone owners to unlock their devices?


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