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Today on the net, the chemical attack in Syria as seen by the country’s artists; a Google Street View photo fueling all sorts of online speculation; and Instagram reaches 150 million members.
Chemical attacks seen by Syrian artists
A black gas mask with a yellow dummy… This image by artist Anwar El Eissa was posted online after the poisonous gas attack on a Damascus suburb on August 21st: an appalling attack that has had a profound impact on Syrian artists who are depicting the civil war through their artworks.
In pieces exhibited on Facebook, painters like Alaa Hamama try to convey the horror of the chemical attack that left hundreds dead.
Others have been focusing on the heavy price paid by the many children killed in the attack. Suzann El-Abboud for example has made these plaster sculptures portraying infants, who she says are the primary victims of the Syrian conflict.
Illustrator Imranovi Faour denounces the slow pace of international talks regarding military intervention against the Bashar al-Assad regime. Other artists have explored a similar theme, singling out the US which has said the use of chemical weapons crossed a “global red line”.
But others remind us that it is not just these unconventional weapons hurting or killing civilians. Artist Ahmed Ali has created this logo made from pieces of bread to denounce the government troops’ blocking of food supplies to rebel controlled refugee camps. He sees this food deprivation as another lethal weapon.
A dead body on Google Street View?
A photo showing what appears to be a woman’s body, her head missing or out of shot, in the back of a truck : this image left countless Americ... Go on reading on our web site.

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