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    The Superhero Crossover That Almost Was


    by ClevverMovies

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    Guess which superhero almost made an appearance in Spider-man? Marvel comic fans have been hoping and praying that we would one day see crossover between some of our favorite Marvel superheroes on the big screen. However, because different studios have specific rights to certain characters, and the logistics of sharing those rights would be so complicated and tricky, we may never see it happen. Sony of course owns the rights to Spider-Man, Fox owns the rights to the X-Men films, and Disney has its hands on the rights to a huge vault of other Marvel characters. But, crossover did almost happen once before! In an interview with The Huffington Post, Hugh Jackman dished that he almost had a cameo in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. Apparently, the plan was to get Jackman to come on to do something small; Either a cameo, him walking through a shot, or even a gag. However, there were some issues in getting access to Wolverine's suit, so the plans fell through. But Jackman said that he has been talking to some high level executives about trying to get some character crossover, but that quote "someone reminded me that the amount of money Fox paid compared to the amount of money Disney paid is very different. So how do you split that pie up?" So, long story short, money will probably be determining factor for whether or not we will ever see a complete Marvel mashup, but Jackman did say that he's not giving up hope and that he thinks one day there will be a way to make it work. But, I wouldn't suggest holding your breath on this one people. But if we could have a Disney/Fox/Sony crossover movie, which characters would you like to see together on the big screen. Sound off right here on this video, and before you leave, make sure you are connecting with us over on Facebook and Twitter as well at ClevverMovies. You guys rock, thanks for watching. Im Erin White, and Ill see you soon.