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    Perfect Blend of Comfort & Elegance of Leather-Products

    Kompass India

    by Kompass India

    Types of Products
    In clothing jackets, pants, gloves, etc. are popular as they are ideal for cold as well as humid weather.

    Shoes and accessories like hand bags, wallets, belts blend perfectly with fromal as well as casual clothes

    Colour Preference
    Generally black, brown and other dark shades are popular.

    Women prefer colors like pink, blue, white. So there is a wide range of bags accessories etc. available.

    Shaded leather items are also made to order to suit a special occasion.

    How to take care of Leather Products
    Always keep items covered to avoid damage due to moisture.

    To remove stains use a damp cloth and wipe out leather items gently to avoid abrasion.

    Use soft cloth conditioners can be used to keep leather goods stiff and durable.

    Use polish to make leather products look new and lustrous.

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