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    S. (par J.J. Abrams & Doug Dorst - Bad Robot Productions) [VO|HD1080p]

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    J.J. Abrams' next project may be a mystery novel, but that doesn't mean it's not cinematic -- or without trailers. The TV producer-slash-filmmaker released a new preview for his upcoming book debut, titled "S." The 472-page story, which is actually written by author Doug Dorst from a concept created by Abrams, centers on a female college senior and a male grad student's attempt to decipher the cryptic and final novel of a brilliant and ambiguous writer named V.M. Straka.
    Like the book's previously-released teaser, this full-length peek is as cryptic and ambiguous as its predecessor. Though, there is a nice clue this time: the address of a website (, which reveals that it is, indeed, a new novel that will be hitting shelves on October 29th (pre-orders available now).
    So will we see this book eventually turned into a movie or TV project? Well, that appears to be just one of many questions that have been left unanswered by Abrams and Co.