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Man Plans to Marry Goat

4 years ago1.1K views


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An elderly Brazilian man has gone public, claiming he has legitimate plans to marrying a goat.

It's hard to deny that goats are adorable. One elderly Brazilian man likes them so much, he's actually marrying one.

74-year-old Aparecido Castaldo is scheduled to officially marry his beloved pet on October 13th of this year. The man, who already has
eight children, claimed he fell in love with the goat about 2 years ago and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Castaldo stated “She doesn't speak and doesn't want money. Whenever someone says I am doing something wrong, I reply the goat does not speak, ask for money to go shopping and doesn't get pregnant, and she can't talk.”

Ever since the story made headlines, there have been allegations that the upcoming wedding is a hoax. Others believe the story but are absolutely outraged that a man would legally marry a goat.

Despite the criticism, Castaldo defended his decision and said there is nothing shameful about the union. He also promised never to have sexual relations with the animal.

Not everything has been smooth sailing though. The goat reportedly ate her first wedding dress.