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    Loonatics Movie Trailer


    by Martiangirl

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    Izefia Matkeoo
    Woah.... *mouth hanging open in awe* I wish this was a movie... this looks incredible... Woah....
    By Izefia Matkeoo7 years ago
    the song is lux aeterna!!!
    By Drunkelf978 years ago
    i really like this man its koooool but whats the name of the music i need to know its taunting me

    if u dont ill burn you lol joking but seriously can i please have it?
    By Exotic_skater8 years ago
    Toon-Luvin-Chicka: To answer your question, I have a Dazzler capture device which connects from my tv to my computer. It allows to capture video and save as a file. You can probably find them at a Best Buy or some other electronics store. Glad you liked the video!
    By Martiangirl8 years ago
    OMG!!! Absolutely fantastic! When I first saw it with my sister, I was like 'No WAY! They're making a movie?! Sweet!' Then I figured out it was fanmade. Just goes to show how good you are!

    BTW, I've been wondering, how do you get your hands on the LU clips? I've been searching everywhere!
    By Lisa8 years ago
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