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Today on the net: Alexeï Navalny refuses to accept the Moscow mayoral election results; Egypt’s arrested "spy stork" dies after being released back into the wild; and Google Street View takes us inside the Fukushima evacuation zones in Japan.
Moscow: Alexei Navalny refuses to recognize election results
Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny and his supporters have taken to Twitter to contest the results of Moscow’s mayoral election, which cleared incumbent mayor and Kremlin backed Sergei Sobyanin for a first round victory.
Anti-corruption blogger Navalny who describes himself as a “nationalist democrat” has denounced “clear falsifications” in the vote using footage from webcams installed in polling stations across the Russian capital to argue his case. Here for example electoral commission officials are said to be rigging the ballot results, under police protection.
The mobile urns system set up for voters unable to get to polling stations is also under scrutiny. It is suspected that this voting from home process opened the door to all manner of irregularities during voting day on Sunday.
Accusations that are also backed up by surveys conducted by Alexeï Nalvany’s teams as voters left the polling stations. According to figures published on his blog, the race was much closer than announced, and Sergei Sobyanin did not apparently reach the 50 % threshold required to secure victory in the first round.
And so the blogger and his supporters say they do not recognize the official results and are calling for a second round ballot, threatened mass protests if the authorities refuse. 
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