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    Your Duty to DISOBEY Illegal Orders - The Truth About the US Military and Syria


    by livingonplanetZ

    Think you know what the law is about the U.S. military and the illegal war against Syria? The truth about WHERE a legal declaration of war can come from? Get it right here in just 8 minutes.

    All available evidence indicates that the "chemical weapons" attack in Damascus, Syria, is a manufactured fake, like the Boston marathon bombing. What is even more shocking, it appears that these two events are linked. Both are also bear incriminating connections to John Kerry (AKA John "Kohn").

    "Confirmation - 'Chemical Attack' in Syria was FAKE" - available on YouTube and elsewhere.

    See "Fake Syria Gas Attack - The Kerry and Boston Bombing Connection" for more details on the fake gas attack.

    Also see "Meet the Crisis Actors of the Syria-'FSA' - Faking You Into Another War",

    and "Syrians Supposed to Be Our Enemy Now - And Extremists Our Friends - WTF"

    More Resources;

    "Confirmation Of Fake Bomb Injuries - Medscape on Boston Bombing"


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