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    Protection and Comfort: Carhartt Flame-Resistant Force T-Shirt [Review]


    by jlukasavige

    I’m as equally impressed with the Force flame-resistant long sleeve t-shirt as I am with the flame-resistant pant. It is super lightweight, comfortable, soft, and protective. The 4% of spandex in the fabric blend really adds to the great fit. The sleeves are nice and tight preventing them from falling in my way. The wicking capabilities are incredible, keeping me dry and cool all day long in the airplane. As an added bonus, odor does not accumulate throughout the day.

    Even though Carhartt’s intended use for the Force long sleeve t-shirt is as a base layer, I personally just like to wear it as a shirt. However, because it is so comfortable and lightweight, I can definitely see myself using it as a base layer in the future when daily temps are not so warm.

    For anyone that has the potential to be exposed to flash fires or the like, the flame-resistant Force long sleeve t-shirt will make your experience safer and more comfortable.

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