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    DEBATE - Syria: Breakthrough or Smokescreen? (part 2)

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    Did John Kerry blunder when he suggested that Syria would never accept an offer to puts its chemical weapons stockpile under international supervision? When Damascus gladly accepts Moscow’s offer, François Picard’s panel is left wondering if Barack Obama’s hard sell to Congress on intervention just got harder.

    Leah PISAR. Former Advisor to US President Bill Clinton;
    Meyer HABIB. Member of French Parliament, UDI party;
    Joelle GARRIAUD MAYLAM. French Senator, UMP; Secretary, Commission for Foreign Affairs and Defense;
    Joshua LANDIS. Director of the Centre for Middle East Studies and Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma. Blogger,

    Produced by François Picard, Anelise Borges, Mary Colombel, Christopher Davis.
    Watch the first part here.

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