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    12 Stones- Adrenaline (Action Heroes Video Mix 2)

    The “second” video of the 2008 single with additional various footages of action films from:
    Street Fighter,
    Death Race (2008),
    Mortal Kombat: Legacy,
    Die Hard,
    The Delta Force,
    The Expendables,
    Tom-Yum-Goong (AKA the Protector),
    Transporter 2,
    Demolition Man,
    Resident Evil: Afterlife,
    The Scorpion King,
    The Tuxedo,
    Ninja Assassin,
    Rambo (alternate footages),
    Rambo: First Blood Part II,
    Planet Terror,
    The Long Kiss Goodnight,
    Kill Bill Volume 1,
    Live Free or Die Hard,
    Drive Angry,
    Resident Evil: Extinction,
    Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,
    Rambo III,
    Passenger 57,
    Quantum of Solace,
    Die Hard with a Vengeance,
    Shoot 'Em Up
    & the trailers of upcoming films, Total Recall (2012) & The Expendables 2.

    NOTE: Re-edited from original.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own these films. I also do not own the song used in this video. This was made purely for entertainment purposes only

    12 Stones is under Wind-up, EMG

    Street Fighter, Death Race (2008), The Scorpion King, Wanted & Timecop copyrighted by Universal Pictures
    Stealth & Total Recall (2012) (trailer) copyrighted by Columbia Pictures.
    Mortal Kombat: Legacy copyrighted by Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.
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    The Delta Force copyrighted by Cannon Film Distributors / MGM.
    The Expendables, The Expendables 2 (trailer) & Rambo copyrighted by Lionsgate.
    Tom-Yum-Goong (AKA the Protector) copyrighted by The Weinstein Company.
    Demolition Man, Ninja Assassin, Eraser & Passenger 57 copyrighted by Warner Bros. Pictures.
    Resident Evil: Extinction & Resident Evil: Afterlife copyrighted by Screen Gems.
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    The Long Kiss Goodnight & Shoot 'Em Up copyrighted by New Line Cinema.
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