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    Young India Speaks: Althea Z H Kimi from St. Paul's Higher Secondary School, Mizoram


    by WildFilmsIndia

    Althea Z.H Kimi is from Mizoram. She says "I am a person who is not that active on certain things but when I find something which I like and which I would give my all for there can be no stopping me. I am not a person of great abilities and have had many embarrassing events but it is these things which shaped the unpleasant person I am today. I am a unique person and am proud of myself".

    Althea Z H Kimi from St. Paul's Higher Secondary School, Mizoram is talking about Tan Tlang during an event organised by INTACH.

    Tan Tlang is around 85 km from Champhai, it is 6356 ft above sea level located near Vaphai village.

    The mountain itself continues to be spectacular, majestic and changing colours as the sun moves across the sky, exuding an aura of mystery all around. It is 6356 ft high from the sea level and is located near Vaphai village which is around 85 km from Champhai town (around 280 km from Aizawl City). The rich hinterland, the abode of the pretty fairies called 'Lasi', the birds and the beasts had been decimated. No wonder the inhabitants had faded away without any trace, probably led by Chawngtinleri (Queen of Beautiful Fairies) herself to greener pastures, perhaps, to 'Buannel Ram', the paradise of the creatures of the forest.

    The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) is India's largest non-profit membership organization dedicated to conservation and preservation of India's natural, cultural, living, tangible and intangible heritage. Its mission is to:
    Sensitize the public about the pluralistic cultural legacy of India; Instill a sense of social responsibility towards preserving our common heritage; Protect and conserve our living, built, and natural heritage by undertaking necessary actions and measures; Document unprotected buildings of archaeological, architectural, historical and aesthetic significance; and cultural resources, as this is the first step towards formulating conservation plans; Develop heritage policy and regulations, and make legal interventions to protect our heritage when necessary; Provide expertise in the field of conservation, restoration and preservation of specific works of art; and encourage capacity building by developing skills through training programs; Undertake emergency response measures during natural or manmade disasters, and support local administration whenever heritage is threatened; Foster collaborations, Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) and partnerships with government and other national and international agencies; and
    Generate sponsorships for conservation and educational projects.

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