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    The Top Hottest Rite ($$$$$$)

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    Feezy Dee

    by Feezy Dee

    I just made this on Sunday September 8th 2013 then immediately I uploaded it. I take care of my business!!! May-ane!!!!-LOL!-$$$-Hafdav3000-I am going to get more money and have more dymes for more fun-times. (Chants)Fun-Fun-Fun Times,These R Good Fun-Times, I am glad I still succeed...SUCCEEDING!, despite hateful heinous opposition-I'm having Fun-Times, Ha-Ha These Haters Can't Deprive Us Nor Of Mine-I Still Have Good-Good-Good Fun Times!-LOL!

    Being Smart is Cool. Some people in the ''hood'' are programmed to think it is uncool but I disagree with that bad brain-washed ideology. No Being Smart to Me is Cool and It is The Better Way To Be if a person has the intellect to utilize as 1 of the tools of betterment. #Hafdav3000

    Ha-Ha-Ha!-LOL....Again!!!-LOL! Age-Restriction based on Community Guidelines, Well Then Somebody is Following Some Frivolous Guidelines-LOL! Because This Content is Family Friendly!.. G-Wiz!!!!-LOL! I'm still shining anyway it goes my foes! Peace To My Truest Peoples, + Fam, and Last but Never The Least-The Almighty Creator #Peace