The WAN Show : SSD Overclocking, Star Citizen PC Requirements, Nintendo 2DS Joke - August 23, 2013

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After party : Sorry no afterparty this week

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5:55 Intel SSDs will featuring overclocking in the future?
10:40 Star Citizen will have beastly hardware requirements
14:25 Google blocks Chromecast local streaming, or wait?... What?
16:10 Google's new patent alters your phone security settings based on location
19:30 Bethesda wants no Xbox Live Gold membership required for Elder Scrolls Online players
22:40 10% of 5 year olds have phones according to article
29:15 Boyfriend Tracker app gets pulled from Google Play
30:35 Twitter Blitz - Would you allow your partner to track you via GPS?
36:30 Plants vs Zombies 2 getting flak over paying for plants
38:30 EA says "all major franchises embraching free to play"
41:20 Nintendo 2DS - joke? No.
43:22 Our NEW SPONSOR Hotspot Shield
49:20 Adblock buying ads - No ads on the Internet would kill it pretty much instantly.
54:45 Battlefield 4 runs at 720p upscaled to 1080p at 60FPS. Lame.
58:45 Upcoming rumoured NVIDIA dual GK110 graphics card
1:04:30 Siri is snarky about Google Glass
1:05:38 Lenovo shipping Windows 8 PCs with aftermarket Start menu.
1:07:50 AMD updates roadmap to reflect phasing out AM3 socket, focusing on APU
1:11:05 2.5K camera combined with Mac Mini PC & the future of cameras
1:15:!0 Twitter Blitz General Q&A