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Today on the net: anger in India over rising onion prices; the "Fifty Shades of Grey" casting is met with a fierce backlash from fans; and finger portraits of famous people.
Rising onion prices spark fury in India
Sold at 9 rupees, that’s around 10 euro cents a kilo, one online retail site in India has been selling onions at an astonishing rate. The deal of the day group buying website was selling 3,000 per day over a one week period, at five times lower than the market price. So popular was demand that on Thursday the website crashed.
Onions are an essential ingredient in Indian dishes and salads and prices have soared in recent months. Social networkers have been commenting on the situation with more than a hint of irony, some have been describing the vegetable as a luxury product which has become too expensive for the popular classes, whilst others have been circulating recipes that do not use onions.
The price hike has also fueled protests as the country deals with rapidly inflating food prices. In an attempt to deal with the onion crisis caused mainly by a smaller harvest this year, the government has announced plans to start importing onions from neighbouring Pakistan in order to satisfy demand.
But this is not enough say opposition parties who are also debating the onion crisis. The BJP recently organized a slashed prices onion sale in New Delhi to highlight the government’s failure to stabilize inflation rates. The subject could well become a major electoral issue over the coming months ahead of next year’s general election. 
"Fifty Shades of Grey" casting faces fan backlash online
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