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THE NOTORIOUS GUYS - Subtitled English Trailer

il y a 5 ans325 views

INDEPENDENT SPIRIT PRODUCTIONS presents the debut feature film co-written, produced and directed by ADOLF EL ASSAL.

The story is the prequel to his award-winning short film THE NOTORIOUS ROAD... where his characters are developed further. It's a light, over-the-top, universal and original comedy that mixes issues such as identity, immigration, integration and travel.

Godié, Nytt, Last' Ar, Taipan, Cico, Caty Baccega, Nilton Martins, Jean-François Wolff, Dieudonné Kabongo, David Mesquita, Isabelle Dickes, Gilles Soeder, Orelsan, Léa Linster, Marylene Bergmann, Andy Bausch

THE NOTORIOUS GUYS follows Steven, a 23-year old pupil attending a special needs class in Luxembourg. He is overjoyed to hear that his school has won a trip to visit Portugal. As soon as Steven arrives on location, he decides to discover his homeland on his own with his friends. But things lead that they are on the Most Wanted List for money counterfeiting. That's when Steven's best friend, Guy-Désiré (who had to stay at home because of bad grades) is about to come to their rescue.

Follow THE NOTORIOUS GUYS on facebook.com/thenotoriousguys and on twitter.com/notoriousguys

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THE NOTORIOUS GUYS - Subtitled English Trailer
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