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The documentary project Chasing Bonnie & Clyde takes you on the tracks of the famous outlaws.
80 years after the Great Depression, their home state of Texas is now at the forefront of smart-on-crime policies. Following the tracks of the famous outlaws, this project takes Bonnie and Clyde life as a central theme to travel in the modern Texas, revisit the memory of the criminal lovers and meet young delinquents to understand how justice can impact our society.
Sung and narrated by Black Yaya Herman Dune.

Le projet documentaire Chasing Bonnie & Clyde part sur les traces du plus célèbre couple de criminels pour interroger le système judiciaire au Texas et en particulier les politiques de réinsertion.
Ce film est raconté et chanté par Black Yaya, leader du groupe folk Herman Dune.

Directed by / Réalisé par
Olivier Lambert & Thomas Salva

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