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    Man Tries to Save Dog, Ends Up in Jail

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    While walking through a scorching Publix parking lot one day, a man untied a dog from an SUV to take it to a cooler area. As a result, he ended up in jail.

    How Van DeMars ended up in jail is a story that starts like so many of its kind do – with nothing but the best of intentions.

    While walking through a scorching Publix parking lot in Florida one day, the president of a local SPCA chapter saw a dog tied to an SUV.

    He reported that the canine was clearly trying to find a cooler place to wait for its owner, who was inside shopping.

    Before cutting the dog loose and taking it to a better environment, DeMars took a quick video, showing the dog attempting to hide from the sun beneath the car. He also got a shot of the empty water bowl.

    On the way to a shaded area, the owner of the pet showed up, and that’s when things got a little heated for the humans.

    The owner demanded the dog be returned, saying he tied it up all the time and there’s never been a problem.

    Perhaps seeing that as a problem in itself, DeMars refused to hand the dog over until the authorities arrived.

    Days later, DeMars was jailed for failure to return the man’s property.