Woman Sues Prada Over Stained Skirt

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A woman, devasted to learn that the Champagne stain on her new $1500 Prada skirt was irreversible, sued the fashion retailer and won.

Wanting to look especially fabulous for her 40th birthday Champagne party, a woman went out and bought Prada skirt for approximately 1500 US Dollars.

Unfortunately, during the festivities some of the bubbly ended up on her ensemble and she was devastated to learn that the stain it caused was irreversible.

She came to find out that the skirt was especially delicate, and would have been destroyed by any contact with liquids.

So, she decided to sue Prada.

The foundation of her argument was that when she purchased the item she was specific about where she’d be wearing it, and that there would be sparkling wine there.

She feels that the salespeople at the store should have warned her that given the skirt’s propensity for ruin, it was an inappropriate choice.

Management at the Melbourne, Australia Prada store defended the staff’s approach, saying they’re primary focus was as it should be – on fashion.

The judge who heard the case didn’t agree with the boss, though, and ordered the retailer to refund the purchase price.

He also commented the clothing that can’t withstand a little bit of water – or Champagne – should have a warning label.