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swamp excavator komatsu PC 200 long arm

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We are produce and sell amphibious excavator, swamp backhoe, floating excavator, marsh buggy, pontoon undercarriage for excavator : KOMATSU, CAT, KOBELCO, HITACHI, SUMITOMO, HYUNDAI, VOLVO. Email: abd.lathif@yahoo.co.id , Mobile :+62-81241346651

An amphitrex ( amphibious excavator / marsh buggy), is designed to allow the use of standard excavators on marshy and swampy area, soft terrain, as well as float on shallow water and transportation over open water. The well designed pontoons provide the necessary buoyancy and stability, ultra-low ground pressure and unparalleled mobility to work on soft terrains and swamps area.
Contact person : Email: abd.lathif@yahoo.co.id , Mobile :+62-81241346651

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swamp excavator komatsu PC 200 long arm
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