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    'Thor: The Dark World' Director In Talks For 'Terminator' Reboot


    by ClevverMovies

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    The long awaited Terminator reboot may be getting the Thor: The Dark World treatment.
    And that my friends is because, according to Variety, Thor director Alan Taylor is in talks right now to helm the new Terminator movie. We are still trying to get more information on this project, but everyone involved has been pretty tight lipped so far. Arnold Schwarzenegger has previous said he would be back for 'Terminator 5", but when the project was announced, there was no mention of Schwarzenegger's involvement and revealed it to be a "stand-alone trilogy", which suggests it could be the fifth Terminator film, but not necessarily "Terminator 5". This potentially could mean Schwarzenegger may not be involved with this film, set to hit theaters on June 26th, 2015, but instead will appear in a true sequel to the original films to be released at a later date. Now, Taylor wasn't the only director being eyed for the job though. Life of Pi director, Ang Lee was approached by the studio initially, as well as Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve and even Looper Director, Rian Johnson. But it seems as though Taylor was the better fit for the studios direction for the franchise. Taylor has quite the resume right now, with Thor: The Dark World about to hit theaters as well as his proven track record in directing the popular HBO series, "Game of Thrones," but do you think his style will match what you all have envisioned for this Terminator reboot? Sound off in the comments, and let us know what you're thinking out there. And as always, make sure you are always staying connected with us here at ClevverMovies via our Facebook or Twitter pages at ClevverMovies. Bringing you the latest news on all of your favorite movies, Im Erin White, and Ill see ya next time!