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    Lady Gaga set to perform on Good Morning America, details about new song "I Wanna Be With You", and is her Perez Hilton feud over?! Happy Friday you know what that means! This is What's Up With Gaga here on ClevverMusic, brought to you by Misty Monster. The most recent Monstrous news is that Lady Gaga will take the stage on Good Morning America this Monday September 9th to perform "Applause" live in Time Square! But this won't be just any performance, Gaga has cooked up something special called: "Gaga of Oz". She tweeted the reveal, "I will be LIVE on @GMA this Monday Morning Sept 9 performing APPLAUSE in a 'GAGA of OZ' theatrical rendition!" Along with this photo. In a second tweet Gaga wrote us a poem teaser: "When Dorothy goes GLAM/ snatches all the weaves of OZ/ outsmarting the Wicked West as she/ thrills for your APPLAUSE!" OMG we're so stoked to see this. In other Gaga news, it seems her Perez Hilton feud is far from over. This week the blogger has tweeted negative articles and nude photos of Gaga, continuing their beef. On September 3 he tweeted, "From the Guardian: "@LadyGaga: 'People think I'm finished'" along with the article and this racy photo. In a second photo he tweeted, "Scratch that itch!" along with another nude photo. We're thinking he's just jealous that he is not part of Gaga's world anymore and we sincerely hope they resolve their issues soon. In happier news Gaga will be hosting and performing for the first time on Saturday Night Live this Fall! No word yet on exactly when, but you know we'll keep you updated. And as you know Gaga performed 7 new songs at her #Swinefest iTunes festival set last weekend, and one standout was a touching ballad called "I Wanna Be With You". On Twitter Gaga has revealed more about this song that she wrote for her fans writing, "#iwannabewithu is also about following my dreams but fallin in love at the same time. Wish I could have both but I can't on the road." We're guessing she's talking about actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney. In two more tweets she explains that to do what she loves she has to say goodbye to someone she loves. And speaking of love, we love YOU guys our ClevverMusic watchers so here's this week's shoutouts and we're giving two! Thank you to @VictorDiaz4480 for always watching ClevverMusic and tweeting #mistyarmy along with @CameronBuras for tweeting us! That's it for this week's Whats Up With Gaga? Have a great weekend.