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    Movie Set Results in Daily Horror for Elderly Couple

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    One elderly Rhode Island couple is being harassed after Warner Bros. advertised a horror film called 'The Conjuring' as being based on a true story of their home.

    Imagine being harassed by people trespassing and trying to break into your home on a daily basis. One elderly Rhode Island couple is living this nightmare after Warner Brothers released a horror film called The Conjuring as being a true story based on their home.

    The Sutcliffes acquired the 18th Century farmhouse years after the events reportedly took place and spent approximately $100,000 renovating it. The film depicts the paranormal investigators helping the family tormented by evil spirits in the home around the 1970’s.

    Their daughter, Anmarie Spaziano, said, “They love the house…They just want to be left alone.” Living there as a teen, Spaziano never encountered anything supernatural.

    Even though their home looks completely different from the one in the movie, the Sutcliffes have had to call police almost daily. Police now constantly monitor the home.

    Besides videos and phone calls, Spaziano said, “People have been shining their torches through the windows at 3am. They even found some kids outside with a crowbar.”

    “Exhausted and angry,” Norma Sutcliffe said, “Warner Brothers never even considered the consequences for us.”