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    Upcoming Resort Will Be Built on Top of Historical Lake

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    A renonwned architect firm has released design plans for a deep pit ice and snow world structure located in Changsha, China. Called the Dawang Mountain Resort, it will house an indoor ski slope, water park, hanging gardens and even a restaurant and shopping facilities.

    Architects around the world constantly push the boundaries of human imagination.

    A renowned architecture firm has released design plans for what they are calling The Deep Pit Ice and Snow World - an entertainment complex that is part of the Dawang Mountain Resort.

    It will be located in Changsha, China. The goal is to bring the outside world to the interior of the facility.

    The Snow and Ice World structure will include an indoor ski slope, water park, hanging gardens along with dining and shopping facilities. The building will encompass almost 1.3 million square feet.

    And the structure is situated directly on top of a historical cement mining quarry pit and lake. The design element can definitely be described as modern.

    The roof of the building showcases a wave-like element and the structure is built across the open pit lake on top of two opposing cliffs.

    The open space underneath the building will be a leisure area of islands, water and paths.

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