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    IN THE PAPERS - 'Iran plots revenge' in event of a strike on Syria

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    The Independent leads: 'Fear and loathing in St. Petersburg'. It says 'leaders remain as far apart as ever over Syria' at the G20 summit. We look, too, at reactions in the Arab press to the diplomatic stalemate. Iran, meanwhile, is planning to attack US embassies and interests in Baghdad if there is a military strike, according to the Wall Street Journal. And we look at a cartoon in the Chinese press focusing on how some Syrians must feel as they look on.
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    Some articles from today’s look at the international papers:

    The Independent: 'Fear and Loathing in St Petersburg'

    The Independent’s cartoon version of the Obama-Putin handshake atthe St. Petersburg G20 summit

    Al Hayat argues Putin has not made headway on his position on Syria at the G20

    Asharq Al-Awsat says Saudi Arabia and certain Gulf States want more than limited military intervention. They want Assad's removal to clear the war for broader change in the Middle East

    The Wall Street Journal reports Iran plots revenge on US interests in Middle East in event a military strike

    Lebanon’s L’Orient Le Jour reports on the fear felt by Lebanese as they watch events unfolding
    And the South China Morning Post’s cartoon shows a Syrian woman asking: ‘Do you think military intervention will be limited? Her husband replies: ‘Not if it lands on us’

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