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    WEB NEWS - The plight of Syrian refugees in Egypt

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    Today on the net, activists highlight the plight of Syrian refugees in Egypt;
    a disgruntled customer buys a promoted tweet to complain about British Airways; and a short film exploring the detrimental impact of smartphones…
    The plight of Syrian refugees in Egypt
    Ahmad and his family fled the war in Syria and sought refuge in Egypt. In this YouTube video the little boy explains how Egyptian security forces came to where they were living, and arrested his father, who he has not seen or heard of since. Human rights activists have used Ahmad’s account to produce this video condemning the recent arrests of asylum seekers, and more generally speaking, the discrimination against Syrian refugees in Egypt.
    According to estimations released by the authorities in Cairo, there are some 300,000 Syrian refugees in the country and the United Nations Refugee Agency has registered 110 000 of them. The UN agency has also voiced concerns over growing anti-Syria sentiment across Egypt.
    As the NGO Human Rights Watch explains, Egyptians accused Syrian refugees of taking the Muslim Brotherhood’s side in the conflict with the army. And since the ouster of former president Mohammed Morsi, it would seem Syrian nationals are no longer welcome in Egypt and now need to obtain a visa before entering Egyptian territory. 20
    Activists from the Aazer organization have started an online petition calling upon Cairo to put a stop to the harassment of Syrian refugees in Egypt. The document has been signed by around 2,000 web users so far.

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