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    Wiz Khalifa reveals exciting collaborations with Adele and Miley Cyrus is coming our way! Yeah yeah music lovers welcome back to ClevverMusic, I'm your host Misty Kingma. In a shocking interview with music source Fuse News, rapper Wiz Khalifa revealed some thrilling new collaborations. He's hard at work promoting his forthcoming album "Blacc Hollywood" and apparently he's rolling in the deep with features. Wiz revealed in the interview, "I've got songs with Miley. I've got songs with Adele." No word on if these are together, probably not, but how epic would that be? Adele and Miley in a song together? The Miley collab should come as no surprise as we've seen pictures of the two in the studio together, but we previously assumed it was for her new album "Bangerz". And as for a collaboration with 9 time Grammy winner Adele, that's huge! Adele doesn't just work with anyone, so 25-year-old Wiz must have done something epic to get her on board. And we'll admit we're a bit shocked at the news: What would an Adele hip hop song even sound like? And when the Fuse reporter asked Wiz if he thinks anyone is inaccessible for to him to work with he revealed his dream duet, "I wanna do something with Lady Gaga really bad!" Mother Monster- are you listening? That partnership needs to happen. Ok but let's not get too ahead of ourselves with this Adele Khalifa combo, Wiz said none of the guest appearances have been cleared for the album just yet. But if an Adele song does appear this will be her first song since her Oscar winning James Bond track "Skyfall". We know she's currently working on her followup album to '21' with no time frame on release while Wiz's upcoming fifth studio album "Blacc Hollywood" is slated to drop later this year. So tell me below if you guys are freaking out like I am over these possible new songs? Tell me! I'm your music expert Misty Kingma, and I'll see you soon right here on ClevverMusic.