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    Katycats! Katy Perry roars, tames a tiger and becomes Queen of the jungle in her new music video! Welcome back to your music news on ClevverMusic. As promised Katy Perry revealed her anticipated ROAR music video today on September 5th and we're taking a walk on the wild side. After a disastrous airplane crash, Katy is left on a deserted jungle island with one other survivor: the selfie taking hottie. He soon gets eaten by a tiger (Russell Brand reference possibly?) and Katy is left all alone in the jungle in the dark. Our worst nightmare: LOST the TV show coming to life. But Katy, being the cat warrier that she is adapts and learns to survive on her own in the wild! She looks into a pond and we see the reflection of a tiger looking back at her- confirming she is in fact part feline! Katy uses the lioness powers inside her to befriend nature's animals and become their queen! The elephants help Katy shower, she brushes the crocodile's teeth and swings her way through the gorgeous abandon. In the ultimate climax Katy corners a huge tiger and using her cat powers tames him to be her pet. See, we can all get along. And YOU are stronger than you think! Don't worry Katy does some ROARing of her own to make her transformation complete in the vibrant inspirational video. Check it out yourself, there's a link below and tell us if the video exceeded YOUR expectations?! Thank you for watching ClevverMusic with all your music news every single day! I'm Misty Kingma and I'll see you next time Katycats!