Dog Waste Bag Holder- How to Make a Dog Bag Holder- Video Training

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  • Add to Learn The best ways to Make a Pet Doggie Bag Dispenser! Cross Peak Products promotes environmentally friendly practices, specifically when it pertains to recycling useful products lying around your house. Producing homemade pet dog supplies, such as doggy bag holders, is just one means to reuse small plastic containers. To make your very own pet dog waste bag case, you will need the following supplies:. 1. Small plastic container with lid - empty prescription bottles work great and are the ideal size. 2. Clip or carabiner. 3. Zip tie (we prefer the colored ones!). 4. Decorations of your choice. 5. Pet dog waste bags (go to the link above or to buy). Step-by-Step Directions to Make Your Pet dog Bag Dispenser. Step One: Drilling. The initial step in the process is to drill two small holes in the lid of your plastic bottle. The holes must be big enough for the zip tie to fit through and spaced apart the width of the clip you will be using. (As a tip- with prescription bottle covers, drill the holes on each side of the dip in the middle of the lid.) In addition to the lid, you have to drill a straight line along the side of the bottle so that the dog bags can quickly be taken out. This can also be done with a dremel tool. Step Two: Putting the Dispenser Together. Now that you have actually drilled the proper holes, it is time to put the dispenser together. First, put the pet dog doggie bags through the space on the side of the bottle and insert the roll into the plastic container. Then put the zip tie through the lid to tie on the clip to the top of the lid. Cut the end of the zip tie. Attach the lid. Step 3: Decorating. Time for the enjoyable action! Be creative and utilize your creativity. Ideas to decorate your dispenser include spray painting, using contact paper or colored tape, sticker labels, and so on. This is…